A Website Combines A Lot Of CSS Loading Animations

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CSS Loaders

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CSS Loaders

CSS Loaders (https://css-loaders.com/) is a website with more than 600 loading animations, all using pure CSS language written. These animations can be used in websites or applications to indicate that a loading operation is in progress.

The website offers various types of loading animations, including:

  • Classic animation: for example, rotating rings or lines
  • Point animation: for example, jumping dots or waves
  • Bar animation: for example, rotating bars or waves
  • Shape animation: for example, a rotating triangle or square
  • 3D animation: for example, a rotating cube or sphere
  • Progress animation: for example, a bar or ring showing loading progress

HTML and CSS code is provided for each loading animation, along with instructions on how to use them. Additionally, the website offers a search function that can help you find animations that match your specific needs.

CSS Loaders is a very useful resource that can help you add attractive loading animations to your website or application.

Here are some benefits of using CSS Loaders:

  • Easy to use: just copy and paste the code
  • Customizable: You can customize the appearance and behavior of animations
  • Lightweight: animations won’t slow down your website or app
  • No JavaScript required: animations are written using pure CSS