Adobe plans to acquire Figma for $20 billion, EU opposes

  • UpdateTime at 2024/01/04.
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Comparing Microsoft's acquisition of Blizzard, it's still a familiar plot. Do you think it will be reversed?

Firefox’s share becomes lower,website compatibility issues increase

  • UpdateTime at 2023/12/13.
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Firefox's continued decline in market share may lead to an increase in website compatibility issues. The fate of Firefox has huge implications for the entire web. The relationship between Mozilla and Google is complicated.

A free, simple and easy-to-use RSS reader from China

  • UpdateTime at 2023/11/10.
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The goal of QiReader is to provide a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful RSS reader that allows users to easily subscribe to and read articles from their favorite websites

How about we talk about the necessity of learning English?

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/30.
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Learning English well not only provides you with more opportunities, but also enriches your life and increases your ability to communicate and acquire knowledge.

OpenAI GPT-3 to consume 1.287 GWh, which is roughly equivalent to 120 U.S

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/25.
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Generative AI, represented by ChatGPT and Bing Chat, will produce a huge energy footprint and may exceed the electricity demand of some countries in the future.

Google Passkey, Google has entered the "password-free" era, and passwords will become history

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/25.
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Passkey can be understood as a combination of "biometric password" technology and "authorized login" technology, and after setting the Passkey key associated with the personal device, the user does not need to enter the password

Whether the world will restrict the live streaming mode in the future, Southeast Asia has fired the first shot

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/20.
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The Indonesian government last week asked TikTok to separate its e-commerce features from its video-sharing service

Finnish telecommunications group Nokia will lay off 10,000 workers over the next two years in an effort to cut costs

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/20.
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Nokia announced on October 19 that it will adjust its operating strategy, aiming to reduce its total cost base by 800 million to 1.2 billion euros by the end of 2026 compared with 2023, which means that personnel expenses will be reduced by 10%-15%.

Under the pressure of ChatGPT, programmer Q&A platform StackOverflow announced a 28% layoff

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/18.
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This year, because of the explosion of ChatGPT, StackOverflow's traffic dropped sharply, resulting in having to lay off employees to open source and reduce costs

The ten awsome channels on youtube

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/18.
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There are thousands of channels on YouTube, but which ones are the best? In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 best channels

In 2023, a programmer in Chengde, China, was confiscated with 1.03 million yuan of income for illegally working abroad

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/17.
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Chinese Chengde programmers work for foreign companies online, which is recognized as illegal income and confiscates all income.

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Claudia Goldin, who studied gender differences

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/14.
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The 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Harvard professor Claudia Goldin for her contribution to explaining why women earn less than men and are less likely to work.

Why do Israel and Palestine always fight, and what are the grievances?

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/13.
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Why do you think that Israel and Palestine are always at war, and what kind of grudges do they have?First of all, we have to go back 4,000 years in one breath.Because at that time, the ancestors of the Jews lived in the Two Rivers Valley

Why is Israel a ruthless person in the Middle East, and what are the brilliant results

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/13.
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It is surrounded by desert agriculture, but it is the first in the world. Listed on NASDAQ, one hundred and forty-seven companies exceed all countries in Europe combined, making it the only developed country in the Middle East.

With less than 300 people behind 300 million users, Duolingo is how to build an elite team

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/07.
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The magic of the big factory and the aura of Silicon Valley are no longer the only options for the tech elite, as an entrepreneurial company, Duolingo gives employees a more inclusive workplace environment

Ken Thompson Is God-like programmer, one person tops a company

  • UpdateTime at 2023/10/07.
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The young programmer may not know who he is, but you must know the works he left in this world, and today I will talk about Bill Joy, a god-like programmer.

The country with the most Nobel Prizes, Do you know where France ranks?

  • UpdateTime at 2023/09/29.
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The Nobel Prize can be awarded to one, two or three people, and up to two independent works or achievements. With the exception of the Peace Prize, all awards must be awarded to individuals

Who uses the MacBook, What to use for, Content creation or writing code? Are you in the crowd?

  • UpdateTime at 2023/09/29.
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The experience of using Apple computers is unique and excellent. First of all, the macOS operating system is clean and intuitive, user-friendly, and there are almost no crashes and virus issues. The Retina display offers excellent visual quality

Digital product recommendation, Jingdong made keyboard

  • UpdateTime at 2023/09/28.
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The made keyboard that has become popular on YouTube is recommended again

In those years, Google killed Inbox,Google+,Google Reader,Google Code...

  • UpdateTime at 2023/09/28.
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We know that Google likes to shut down some services that they deem undesirable, and let's recall those services that we love deeply