Adobe plans to acquire Figma for $20 billion, EU opposes

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What happened

Adobe and Figma announced the end of their $20 billion merger plan in the face of growing regulatory pressure from the UK and EU. As a result of the deal being terminated, Adobe will need to pay Figma a $1 billion cash compensation fee.

Adobe announced in September 2022 that it would acquire Figma, a startup that develops online design collaboration software, for $20 billion. This is the largest acquisition in Adobe's history.

But the acquisition has raised concerns among regulators that big tech companies could increase their market power by acquiring potential rival startups.

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Number of people in the company

After taking a closer look at the announcement, Figma only has more than 800 people to achieve such a big scale.


Even though Figma has such a successful product, it is essentially a startup company. Looking at the fate of many startups in the past.

And Figma can be acquired by Adobe at such a high price during the current economic downturn. I think the benefits to Figma generally outweigh the disadvantages. According to the founder of Figma, Figma will continue to operate independently in the future.

In fact, no matter how Figma changes hands, as an ordinary user, I hope that Figma can continue to bring us more and better functions from the user's perspective in the future. Make Figma Great Again