A Website Supports Online Playback Of Music In Google Drive

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music player


listen music from google drive



The gdrivemusic website is an online music player website specially designed for Google Drive. By accessing the API of Google Drive, it obtains the user's audio file data, and then uses its own developed player to play music.


The target group is users who like to collect music by themselves, download the music, and then upload it to Google Drive for storage management. gdrivemusic provides the ability to play music and can be understood as a plug-in for Google Drive.

Secondly, this website is always free and ad-free, which is awesome.

how to use

To use this website, you need to have a Google account and activate the Google Drive service. Next, upload the music you want to play to Google Drive.

Then, log in to the website and use your Google account to authorize access to the data on Google Drive. After that, you can enjoy the music to your heart’s content.