A Hand-drawn Style Whiteboard With 60,000 Stars On Github

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About Excalidraw

Excalidraw is a lightweight hand-drawn style electronic whiteboard online application. Whether it is Windows/macOS/linux or even a mobile phone, you can use it by opening the browser. It can easily draw beautiful flow charts, schematic diagrams, development architecture diagrams, etc. Commonly used pictures can also be used as a meeting drawing board. It is not only an excellent drawing application, but also a free and convenient electronic whiteboard application.

Excalidraw application features

  • The interface is simple, the interaction is detailed, and it is easy to get started. The operating habits are similar to those of most drawing software.
  • No registration required, supports Chinese interface, you can start drawing by opening the browser
  • Supports many keyboard shortcut operations, and can be used with the mouse to draw pictures quickly
  • Content is secure and protected, Excalidraw uses end-to-end encryption, and drawing content will not be uploaded to the server
  • Support sharing and collaboration through web links

Why choose Excalidraw

  • Microsoft Visio, a professional flowchart production software produced by Microsoft, is complex to operate and requires time to learn to output the results. If you want it to be beautiful, you have to spend a lot of time adjusting the appearance.
  • Power Point is to use PPT to draw. You can also draw pictures with simple structures, but apart from being slightly better looking than Visio, the operation is still very cumbersome, and the canvas is very small, limited to one PPT.
  • Sketch/Axure, this is a tool used by UI designers and product managers. It can also temporarily solve various diagram problems, but after all, it is not designed to make flow charts and logic diagrams, and there is no targeted optimization. Moreover, Sketch can only When used in macOS, the pictures output by Axure are more eye-catching than Microsoft Visio.

excalidraw drawing experience

Excalidraw is a hand-drawn style drawing application that opens quickly. It provides common graphics tools such as free brushes, circles, squares, and arrow lines. It can draw and express content very intuitively. It supports exporting png / svg two image formats. Can be used in various articles, PPT reports, papers and html web pages