lanzuo netdisk from china help you share your files for free

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Lanzuo Cloud is a well-known cloud storage platform in China. It was founded in 2023 and provides free cloud storage, sharing and transmission services. You can use it to store and share various file types, including pictures, audios, videos, documents, and more. The biggest feature of Lanzuo Cloud is that the free storage space is quite large, and you can enjoy high-speed download and upload services without signing up for membership. It can be said to be one of the best free personal cloud disks in China.

Functions of Lanzouyun

1. Large free space

Lanzuo Cloud provides each user with more than 5GB of free storage space, which is enough to meet the needs of ordinary users. This storage space is larger than 360 cloud disk, Dropbox and other cloud disk software, and is a very practical function.

2. Fast upload and download speed

When using Lanzuo Cloud to upload and download files, its speed is very fast. For users, this is very important and can improve work efficiency. The upload and download speed of Lanzuo Cloud is faster than that of cloud disk software such as 360 Cloud Disk and 360 Cloud Disk, which is also an advantage of Lanzuo Cloud.

3. Sharing files is convenient

Sharing files with Lanzuo Cloud is also very convenient. Just copy the sharing link and let others view or download the file. In addition, users can also set shared links to be opened only by certain people, which increases security.

4. Multi-device synchronization

Lanzuo Cloud also provides a multi-device synchronization function, allowing users to use the same cloud disk on different devices, making work more convenient. In addition, Lanzuo Cloud supports multi-terminal synchronization, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and other platforms.

5. High security

Lanzuo Cloud's file uploads and downloads are transmitted through SSL encryption, which can well protect the privacy and security of users. In addition, Lanzuo Cloud provides a folder encryption function, which increases data security and allows users to use this cloud disk with more confidence.

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