Perhaps The Best Free Version Of Markdown Editor On MacOS

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Markdown Editor


MarkText and Typora are both Markdown-based editors. They are lightweight, easy to use, and efficient.

MarkText is open source and supports Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It adopts a simple interface design and has relatively basic functions, but it is enough to meet daily Markdown editing needs.

Typora is paid and supports Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It uses a unique preview mode that allows users to see the effect in real time while editing. Typora also provides rich features, such as code highlighting, tables, charts, formulas, etc.

The following is a specific comparison between MarkText and Typora:

Function MarkText Typora
Open Source Yes No
System Support Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac, Linux
Interface design Simplicity Preview mode
Basic functions Complete Complete
Advanced features Basics Rich
Price Free Charge

Overall, MarkText is a lightweight, easy-to-use Markdown editor suitable for daily use. Typora is a feature-rich and beautiful Markdown editor suitable for users who pursue high quality.