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css color gradients for cool backgrounds and ui elements A free color gradient generator. It allows users to generate various color gradients according to their preferences.

Using the website is very simple. Users can generate color gradients simply by selecting two or three colors and then choosing a gradient type. The website also provides some preset gradient styles that users can use directly.

The website is very powerful and supports various color gradient types, including linear gradients, radial gradients, circular gradients, grid gradients, etc. In addition, the website also supports custom gradients. Users can adjust the color, position, width and other parameters of the gradient according to their own needs.

The color gradient generated by the website can be used in various design scenarios, including logo design, web design, graphic design, etc.

Here are some specific features of the website:

  1. Supports selecting two or three colors to generate color gradients.
  2. Supports multiple gradient types such as linear gradient, radial gradient, circular gradient, grid gradient, etc.
  3. Supports custom gradients, including color, position, width and other parameters.

The resulting color gradient can be saved in PNG or SVG format.

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