Korean idol star Lisa participated in the Crazy Horse show and was scolded miserably

Updated on September 17, 2023 View Times: 3405

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I don't think Lisa wants to be an idol anymore. Maybe Jennie didn't want to.

She knew she wouldn't go back if she did striptease. She knows much better than the melon.

Not to mention that idol is not very respected by the industry, sooner or later a new girl group will replace them, didn't YG just form a new girl group with hidden dragons and crouching tigers?

Their current status and treatment may not be preserved. Even if they are already members of top kpop girl groups and have die-hard fans, they are still exploited in the idol entertainment industry, they are not producers, not creators, but tool people in this industry, performers with high returns.

They should love the stage, but they certainly don't want to continue their careers with idol.

Jennie and Lisa are 27 to 28 years old, and I feel like they're trying to break through and transform in a less glamorous way.

A downward breakthrough, while not decent, is useful.

In order to get rid of the identity of Disney child stars, Wheat grain did quite outrageous, boring and low-level brushing edges, but fortunately the follow-up people succeeded.

But the problem is that the wheat grain has the resources Lisa does not have, and Lisa cannot afford to toss those movements. I don't care much about whether Lisa marries a wealthy family or not, I don't know how the third son of LVMH fooled Lisa into striptease, and I can't guess whether they are used commercially or in love, but I guess that there must be one of the assurances that this third son gave Lisa: Crazy Horse will not lose endorsements, as long as Céline Bvlgari endorsements are not lost, Lisa is still Lisaceline Bvlgari are all owned by LVMH.

I think this is her confidence in dancing Crazy Horse Striptease, dancing striptease or top luxury endorsement, which is also the confidence for her to get rid of her idol identity and walk in the entertainment industry after that, as for Kpop

I think she's had enough, maybe she's floating, maybe she's tired, maybe she's dancing for reasons we don't know. She doesn't lose her endorsement

Hard transformation and even better resources don't really jump to bring huge heat

Endorsement scandal and LVHM deep binding has nothing to worry about: some people think that Lisa is willing to degenerate, but people may have invested in the name of the capital to her spokesperson, and she works for the capital

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