Head anchor Li Jiaqi incident revealed what social phenomena?

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Popular science, what is the pricing power of the head anchor.

There is an eyebrow pencil brand called "Hanako", which previously sold 9.9 pieces, with an annual sales volume of 50,000 pieces.

I found the head anchor through the channel and hoped that he would bring the goods.

The head anchor said okay, I'll bring it to you, but you have to change the price of the product to 199.9 yuan.

The brand side is confused, such a high price can't be sold at all, we are not a big brand.

The head anchor smiled: With me, don't be afraid.

So the brand side went out, from the packaging to the online store, the omni-channel stayed up all night to replace all the products with 199.9 yuan.

On the third day, the head anchor started broadcasting: family, all girls, this brand is quite wow, the original price was 199.9 yuan, I cut it for you, now it is only 79.9 yuan! The family rushed!

3 minutes, 500,000 units sold!

The head anchor sold the sales of the brand side for 10 years in 3 minutes, and the brand side laughed crazy.

In the share ratio, 79.9 yuan is called Huazi eyebrow pencil, the head anchor takes 60 yuan, the brand side costs 3.9 yuan, and the net profit is 16 yuan.

As a result, the head anchor made a net profit of 30 million yuan in a live broadcast, and the brand side made a net profit of 8 million.

But at this time, the brand side made a difficulty, this live broadcast is over, but won't my price be changed? After all, it is not a big brand, and it has not yet formed a brand benefit.

The head anchor smiled: Isn't this still me? In this way, I want 20% of the shares of your company, and in the future, I will be your shareholder called Hanako Meibian, and I will bring you this brand when I bring goods in the future, and the price will not change.

With my visibility support, your brand can do it. So it hit it off. The 9.9 eyebrow pencil called Hanako became 79.9 yuan.

The family thought that it had changed from 199.9 to 79.9 yuan, and happily shouted that the anchor called the baby.

Hanako eyebrow pencil has grown from an unknown company to a company with a market value of 4 to 5 billion in just three or five years. This is the pricing power of the head streamer.

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