A Useful Tool For Making Favicons Online

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favicon.io is an online tool and resource website designed to help users create and customize favicons and other images related to the website's identity. Favicon is a small icon that is usually displayed in browser tabs, bookmarks, and web page address bars so that users can easily identify and visit specific websites.


Key Functions and Features:

  • Icon Generator: favicon.io offers an easy-to-use icon generator that allows users to upload their own images or use online editing tools to create custom Favicons. These Favicons can be sized and adapted to different needs to ensure proper display on different devices and browsers.
  • Various icon formats: The tool supports generating not only standard .ico Favicons format, but also .png, . .jpg. GIF and .webp to suit different websites and applications.
  • Icon Editing Tools: favicon.io also offers some simple image editing features, allowing users to add text, shapes, colors, and other elements to the site icon to create a personalized identity.
  • Free and paid options: favicon.io offers free basic features, but also some premium features and templates that require a purchase or subscription.
  • Icon Library: In addition, favicon.io offers an icon library from which users can choose ready-made icons to save time and effort.