This Was A Very Popular Mini-game In US Last Year

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Who create Wordle

The Game URL: wordle

The game is called Wordle and is produced by Josh Wardle. You may not have heard of the engineer, but you must be familiar with his invention of "Place" (pictured below), a social experiment game that attracted more than a million Reddit users.

Founder Josh Wardle, an engineer at the American online forum Reddit, developed the game during the lockdown, initially to spend time with his partner during the lockdown.

Wordle is played as simple as guessing a five-letter English word out of six attempts.

Since the target word is fixed every day, and players around the world are the same, you can only play once a day, and beware of "spoilers" from other players.

What are the features

The game is not an app, but an extremely simple website, and although many players want to play it more than once a day, its founders don't want the game to be addictive or controlled by advertising or data collection companies. Over the past few months, the game has attracted millions of users, in part because it allows you to share answers on social media.

Why are anagram games so magical?

The game was originally just a game made by author Josh Wardle for his partner to kill the boring time during the pandemic.

Unexpectedly, after the disclosure, in just a few months, the English-speaking world was conquered, and it seemed that men and women of all ages were wordle.

A Google search for wordle also yielded small Easter eggs.

On the one hand, it is naturally very mysterious in sharing. In the face of strange color blocks that they can't understand, students who haven't played must be very curious to see what this is;

On the other hand, after knowing the address of the game, you can play without logging in, without ads, and with the Internet, and the gameplay is very simple and easy to use;

Also, since there is only one question every day, you can only wait for the next day after playing, which is a bit of hunger marketing~

Against the backdrop of social media buzz, the New York Times spent about a million dollars to acquire the game privately.

Its rise is without a doubt, according to the website statistics tool Similarweb, last October, the site had only 5,000 monthly traffic, and at the end of January this year, the number climbed to 45 million.

The US, Australia, and UK account for 66% of traffic, with an average of more than 8 minutes per user, which is very good for any game acquirer.