Why is Israel a ruthless person in the Middle East, and what are the brilliant results

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It is surrounded by desert agriculture, but it is the first in the world.

Listed on NASDAQ, one hundred and forty-seven companies exceed all countries in Europe combined, making it the only developed country in the Middle East.

Not only that, as early as thirty years ago, Israel accounted for twenty of the top 100 military industries in the world, and the state began to continue to fight, but it never lost.

Israel even once invited Einstein to be president, but it was rejected, but this did not affect Israel's development of national substance, 97 percent, per capita income of more than 23,000, out of twelve Nobel laureates.

Israel is so developed because it attaches great importance to the investment of education and education, which accounts for 10% of the total national budget.

Israel is not only soft and powerful, but also has a hard fist, and is the only country in the Middle East that has military service, but also the only country in the world that performs universal military service.

Many of the technologies we use today are actually related to Israel: drip irrigation technology in agriculture, the starting point of smartphone technology, delicious cherry tomatoes, and computer scattering technology, etc., all come from Israel

What does playing have to do with Israel? The prototype of the K of Spades in the playing cards is David, the second king of Israel.

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