AI face-changing tool, easily create fun videos and emoticons

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AI face changing


FaceFusion is a face fusion technology based on deep learning that allows you to easily replace one person's face with another person's body to create realistic and interesting emoticons, GIF animations and videos. It is not only suitable for entertainment, but also for virtual makeup try-on, identity verification and other fields.


  • Create emoticons and funny videos: Replace your face with celebrities, friends or other funny characters, create prank videos or emoticons, and share your sense of humor with friends.
  • Virtual makeup try-on: Experience different makeup and hairstyle effects without actual makeup, and easily find the style that suits you.
  • Authentication: Achieve safe and reliable identity verification by matching live photos with pre-stored face images.
  • Entertainment and Education: Used in biographies of historical figures, creation of virtual idols and other scenarios, it is entertaining and engaging.


  • Powerful AI technology: Based on deep learning algorithms, it can achieve accurate recognition and fusion of facial features and generate realistic and natural effects.
  • Easy to use: Just upload two pictures to easily complete the face swap.
  • Rich functions: Provides a variety of face positions, expressions and background choices to meet your personalized needs.
  • Fast and convenient: Efficient algorithms and powerful computing capabilities ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Multiple sharing methods: Support saving pictures, videos or sharing directly to social media.


Since its release, FaceFusion has quickly gained widespread attention due to its powerful functions and ease of use, becoming the favorite AI face-changing tool for many users. It has received a lot of positive reviews in major app stores and is widely popular on social media with many active users.

Here are some creative ideas for using FaceFusion:

  • Replace your face with your favorite movie or TV show character to create your own emoticon or video.
  • Create fun spoofs by replacing the faces of your friends or family members with celebrities.
  • Experience different makeup and hairstyle effects to find the style that suits you.
  • Create virtual idols or images of historical figures for educational or entertainment purposes.

Please remember that it is important to use FaceFusion responsibly and respect the privacy of others.

Some limitations of FaceFusion:

  • Although FaceFusion can produce realistic facial fusion effects, there are sometimes imperfections, such as unnatural facial expressions or uneven background connections.
  • Due to the training data limitations of the AI model, FaceFusion may not be able to perfectly recognize and fuse all types of faces, such as images of faces that are poorly lit or at awkward angles.
  • FaceFusion is an entertainment tool and should not be used for illegal or malicious purposes.