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Why Choose Docusaurus

Powered by MDX

Save time and focus on text documents. Simply write docs and blog posts with MDX, and Docusaurus builds them into static HTML files ready to be served. You can even embed React components in your Markdown thanks to MDX.

Built Using React

Extend and customize your project's layout by writing React components. Leverage the pluggable architecture, and design your own site while reusing the same data created by Docusaurus plugins.

Ready for Translations

Localization comes out-of-the-box. Use git, Crowdin, or any other translation manager to translate your docs and deploy them individually.

Document Versioning

Support users on all versions of your project. Document versioning helps you keep documentation in sync with project releases.

Content Search

Make it easy for your community to find what they need in your documentation. We proudly support Algolia documentation search.

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