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Jumpshare is a cloud storage service that excels at sharing files. Here's a quick rundown of what it can do:

  • File sharing: You can upload files like documents, presentations, images, and videos to Jumpshare and share them with others. It offers a free plan with limited storage, and paid plans with more storage and features.
  • Screen recording: Jumpshare allows you to record your screen and share the recording easily. This can be useful for creating tutorials, demos, or quick explanations.
  • Collaboration: Paid plans let you create teams and share files with team members. Team members can leave comments on files for feedback and discussion.
  • Security: Jumpshare offers secure file sharing options, but it doesn't have zero-knowledge encryption, which means the service itself can access your files.
  • Disappearing files: With paid plans, you can set files to expire after a certain period, which can be useful for sharing sensitive information.

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