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Keychron series mechanical keyboard was first popular on YouTube in the United States, known for its high appearance, sufficient materials, simple design and excellent Mac compatibility, and began to fire out of the circle by the top V Brownlee (about 14.26 million fans, invited to be interviewed by the vice president of Google) in the field of YouTube technology, and later due to excellent word of mouth, word of mouth among various social media platform KOLs at home and abroad, the popularity is increasing day by day, and finally gradually became popular in China since the beginning of the year. Including Zhihu, many keyboard area bigwigs are also spontaneously evaluating and Amway, Keychron is OEM made by Jingdong Group's own brand Jingdong

Keychron Series (TOKYO OEM Brand)

Keychron mechanical keyboard is mainly divided into K series and C series 2 product lines:

K series: Bluetooth/wired dual-mode keyboard, the highlight is 5.1 Bluetooth ultra-low latency + multi-device multi-system one-key switching function, and some models support customized shaft replacement, the price ranges from 350~500 yuan. K series has a total of K1 (SE) / K2 / K3 / K4 / K6 / K7 / K8 (Pro) / K10 eight models, the difference between each model is also relatively large, mainly reflected in the appearance, configuration, shell material, backlight, shaft body hot plugging, etc., will be discussed in detail below.

C series: wired keyboard, does not support Bluetooth, only white light (no RGB), the material is very sufficient, the main cost performance, the price is within 280 yuan. The C series has two models, C1/C2, and there is no difference between the two models except for the layout and appearance.

In terms of appearance, Keychron's full series of mechanical keyboards adopt a low-key and simple Apple design style, which is atmospheric and attractive. In terms of backlight, it supports 17 modes of horse lamps without driving (white light and RGB version are optional), and has a type-C interface and two-stage footrest. Some styles are aluminum alloy frames, excellent workmanship in details, and very textured in the hand.

In terms of shaft body, Keychron (made in Tokyo) full series of Jiadalon (Gateron) shaft, in recent years many people think that Jiadalon shaft in the feel has surpassed the Cherry shaft, with the Cherry quality control year by year decline, the extremely high odor shaft rate of the segment shaft and double-click problems, so that the international market share of the Jadalon shaft has risen, ranking the first echelon in the cherry-like shaft body

At the functional level, Keychron not only uses smooth under the win system, but also specially adapts to the Mac system, and there is a shortcut switch for system switching on the side of the keyboard, which is very friendly to users who use multi-system office, and supports one-click switching of Mac/ios/win three systems. The most awesome thing is that this keyboard also uses the VID and PID of the Apple keyboard, simply put, the Mac treats it as its own keyboard, and you can use all the shortcut keys in the F area of the Apple computer (this function is currently not supported by most keyboards on the market except for Apple's native keyboard).

In terms of keycaps, I think the Keychron series keyboard details stand out. In addition to the clear characters of the closed font, the biggest feature is that the whole series uses a special Abs skin-friendly keycap, that is, Keychron covers the traditional keycap with an additional layer of official special skin-like coating, so that the keycap feels more delicate, crisp and elastic, which is close to the feeling of pressing on the skin, and can also prevent many PBT keycaps from slipping, which feels very good. In addition, the black and gray color scheme and orange supplement design are also very attractive.

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