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Mokker AI is a company that uses artificial intelligence technology to provide product photography services.

  • Product image background removal: Automatically remove the background of product images using artificial intelligence technology, and provide multiple background replacement options, such as solid color background, gradient background, scene background, etc.
  • Product image editing: Provide a variety of image editing tools, such as cropping, zooming, rotating, adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., to finely adjust product images.
  • Product image generation: Generate personalized product images according to user needs, such as adding text, watermarks, logos, etc., or combining multiple product images together.

The main advantages of Mokker AI are:

  • Simple operation: Just upload the product image, and the background removal and image editing can be completed automatically, without the need for professional photography knowledge and skills.
  • High efficiency: Artificial intelligence technology can quickly complete image processing, greatly improving work efficiency.
  • Good effect: The generated images are of high quality and can meet the needs of various scenarios such as e-commerce and advertising.

Mokker AI's charging model is subscription-based, starting at $9.9 per month, and users can choose different packages according to their needs.

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