How To Show Outline In Notion

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Notion Boost Download

Notion Boost is a browser extension for Chrome and Edge browsers designed to enhance the functionality of Notion. It offers over 20 features to help you be more productive, including:

  • Sticky Table of Contents: Add a scrollable table of contents to your page so you can quickly jump to specific sections.
  • Default Full Width: Make all pages default to full width for a better reading experience.
  • Show full text on hover: Show full text when hovering the mouse over a table cell.
  • Spacebar closes command menu: Press the spacebar to close the slash command menu.
  • Hide Slash Command Menu: Hide the slash command menu to save space.
  • Bold Text: Make text bold to highlight key points.

In addition, Notion Boost offers the following features:

  • Customize Theme: Customize Notion’s theme colors and fonts.
  • Code Block Syntax Highlighting: Add syntax highlighting to code blocks.
  • Export to PDF: Export Notion pages to PDF files.
  • Import Markdown: Import Markdown files into Notion.

Notion Boost is free to use, but you can choose to purchase the premium version to get more features, such as:

  • Unlimited Custom Themes
  • More code block syntax highlighting themes
  • password protection